About Our Business

The Tri-State Cremation Center was created in 2018 in order to provide families in the Tri-State area, who are sadly experiencing the loss of a loved one, the ability to have any type of memorial services they desire at a very reasonable cost. We pride ourselves on our commitment and ability to provide Honesty, Value and Service which are second to none. At the Tri-State Cremation Center we have decided to focus extensively on the service behind the service, and still make every option available to you whom are planning on using cremation as part of your final farewell to a dearly departed family member. We have successfully developed a business model which has not only greatly reduced our overhead, (which in turn keeps our costs down for you) but also still makes available absolutely every type of visitation, memorial service, celebration of life, social gathering, private service, (or even no services if you so desire) which do not require an embalmed body to be present. For the families in the area who still wish to have a traditional funeral service, which has an embalmed body on display for the public to view; we will unfortunately be unable to offer any of our services to them. Thankfully, there are many wonderful funeral homes in the Tri-State area whom will continue to be able to offer a full array of service options, and will be more than happy to assist you with any of your traditional funeral service needs. But, for those of you who have decided to incorporate immediate cremation with any type of public or private service to follow (providing an opportunity for family and friends to gather together with you), we can surely help.

We have developed a very simplified service through the Tri-State Cremation Center which will allow us to pick up your deceased loved one from their place of passing, meet with you in the comfort of your own home to collect all of the vital information necessary to file a certified death certificate with the State and Social Security, assist you in the writing a wonderfully personal obituary, obtain all of the necessary authorizations and permits required for your cremation to occur and return your loved ones ashes to you in a very nice Marbeleon Urn which is ideal for both public display and burial (or a scattering urn is also available if you desire).  We will also assist you in arranging every detail with your church or other venue, clergy, musicians, florist, cemetery, caterer or restaurant, military honors and paperwork, monument company, newspaper publication and any other requests you would have in order to create the perfect memorial for your loved one (you will be financially responsible for all of the additional costs incurred from outside 3rd parties, but we will gladly help you with the required communication, conversations, details and arrangements with them). We will even attend and help set-up your event, if you would feel more comfortable with a little more assistance, for a small additional fee. If you are confidently comfortable with setting up your own memorial and prefer that we simply stay out of your way; that is perfectly fine also. And please don’t forget that at the Tri-State Cremation Center, we are honored to be able to offer a 5% discount on our services to all of our active/retired military, police and fire personnel.

So, simply because all of these amenities we provide only cost you $1,800, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the services you want. You can still have a public or private visitation with a memorial service at your church, you can still have a member of the clergy assist you with a memorial service at another location, you can still go to the cemetery for your burial, you can still have a funeral dinner served or catered, you can still gather with your family and friends in a formal receiving line setting, or maybe an informal mingling among family and friends sounds better to you, you can still embrace the fellowship of family and friends in a more relaxed environment where food and drinks are available, you can still have beautiful flowers, personal memorabilia, poster boards, and a memorial DVD for display, you can still have any type of Memorial Mass, Celebration of Life, or Farewell Gathering you like, and potentially discover significant savings in the process.

At the Tri-State Cremation Center, we have completely changed the memorial service model and the way we will look at saying good-bye to our loved ones forever. We have successfully taken the cost of providing end of life services to their lowest possible point for us, but have thankfully not sacrificed the complete array of available services you may desire to help you have, along with your family and friends, the ability to say “Farewell For Now” to your loved one. At the Tri-State Cremation Center we pride ourselves on consistently providing Honesty, Value and Service to every family we serve; and we firmly believe that once you’ve experienced what we have to offer, you will agree!

We would also like to say thank you to everyone in Dubuque, and the Tri-States, for your faith and trust in us to serve you when your need arises and may our relationships fruitfully grow in love, trust and respect as the years pass. May God Bless You All and Thanks Again!