Hello Dubuque and the Tri-States, my name is Jason Schumacher. Many of you may already know who I am from personal relationships, or from the over 25 years of funeral service I’ve already fulfilled in the area; but for those who don’t know who I am, allow me to get you up to speed. I was born and raised right here on our family farm on Mud Lake Road, the 5th generation in the Dubuque area and the oldest son of Frank and Pam (Breiner) Schumacher. I attended Sageville, Jefferson, Hempstead and Central High Schools before graduating in 1989 and moving out of town to further my education. I spent 10 years away from Dubuque living in Marshalltown, Phoenix, Des Moines and Kansas City before returning home to raise my family. My wife, Tricia (Schueller), a Product Improvement Program Lead at John Deere, was also born and raised here, growing up on her family farm in Sherrill, the daughter of Roger and Barb (Feipel) Schueller. We have 3 children; Dylan (Kelsey), Abigail Grace and Jacob John; 4 grandchildren, Echo, Ellie, Enzo and Everest; and we have also been the somewhat reluctant, yet conducive parents to a plethora of household pets over the years. Tricia and I purchased our current home on Sherrill Road in 2002, which is conveniently located directly between where we both grew up. Being surrounded by family and friends has truly been a blessing and we are forever grateful for every opportunity and gift the Lord has been kind enough to grant us.

I owned a couple of construction companies in my early years, and even dabbled in a little engineering, before finally realizing that the Lord had created me with some very unique talents which fit wonderfully into the world of funeral directing. Once I had truly found my calling, I went back to school again and soon began my career in the funeral industry. I’ve invested over 25 years of my time and talents into serving others during their most difficult days and it has been a long and expansive journey of experience and wisdom finally culminating in a completely original concept in cremation service. And, through it all, we have thankfully created a new and exciting opportunity where you can not only have a uniquely personal, formal or informal, service to help you say “Farewell for Now” to your loved one, but you can also do everything you desire at a very reasonable cost.

In closing, I’d like to earnestly thank everyone who has helped me to learn and grow along my path in funeral service over the years, and from all of us here at the Tri-State Cremation Center- where Honesty, Value and Service Meet, please know that we are eternally grateful for the years of opportunities to serve those in need which still lie ahead! Thank You Again and May God Bless You All.